24 agosto 2011

Ed Westwick for The Block

Just a Rebel.

Magazine: The Block
Issue: Spring Summer 2011
Cover Star: Ed Westwick
Photographer: Steven Pan
Fashion Editor: James Worthington Demolet
Website: www.theblock-mag.com

The Block magazine selects Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick as the cover boy of their Spring Summer 2011 edition, Ed was photographed by Steven Pan and styled by James Worthington Demolet.

Sweatshirt Iro, Jeans Dior Homme
Trench Robert Geller, T-shirt Alexander Wang, Jewelry Ed's own
T-shirt Won Hundred

 Ed Interview
The Block: Tell me a little bit about Chalet Girl. What kind of film is it and why did it appeal to you?

Ed: Well for me, it’s kind of a commercial film. It’s funny and charming and the audience will know what they’re going to get from it. It’s got a lot of British humor to it, which was nice for me because I’ve been doing Gossip Girl for four years. It was great to do something else with different material and a different slant on things. But at the same time, we’ve got some American cast members in it, so it kind of crosses over.

T-shirt Won Hundred

The Block: But for now, you’re in town filming Gossip Girl, which has become a huge success. What were your expectations at the beginning both for your character and for the show? Did you have any idea of what it might become?

Ed: I don’t know, I don’t think I really expected anything. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea how American television worked. I just went with the flow, enjoying the material and having fun with the character. I was like: “Wow, this is great! I’ve got a little bit of money in my pocket. I’m getting invited to nice events and people are sending me free clothes and it’s great!” Now it’s four years later, and it’s four years later, you know? It’s still cool and I love the people we work with, but it’s time to do something else. It feels like high school now. It’s been four years and everyone has kind of grown up, dated each other, broken up, dated each other again, broken up again …

The Block: With your Gossip Girl schedule as busy as it is, do you have time to pursue music? You were part of a band; is that still something you are involved in?

Ed: No, unfortunately that died a little while ago. It just seemed like a helluva lot of work with how chaotic a shooting schedule can be. I play on my own and mess around and stuff. But I can’t do what Taylor [Momsen] is doing right now. It’s just nuts.

The Block: So music is still a big part of your life?

Ed: Oh, yes, hugely. Last night I actually went to see The Decemberists. It was very cool. I definitely go and see as many bands as I can. I had a flirtation with the Kings of Leon last year, so that was fun … but that’s over now. I’m still totally driven by the classics, like The Rolling Stones and The Doors and that kind of stuff. That’s where my heart is.

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